Funded Projects


denotes Assistant Professor
Deciphering novel molecular mechanisms that facilitate cardiomyocyte proliferation

Peng, Xu (Medicine)
Li, Pingwei (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Kuo, Lih (Medicine)
Cycle: Round Four
Short term electricity demand forecasting and risk management using machine learning methods

Wu, Ximing (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Ding, Yu (Engineering)
Assistant ProfessorLiu, Yong (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Cycle: Round Four
Novel Superabsorbents for Efficient and Eco-Friendly Remediation of Oil Spills

Assistant ProfessorKwon, Joseph (Engineering)
Akbulut, Mustafa (Engineering)
Efendiev, Yalchin R (Science)
Cycle: Round Four
Error-Correcting Code With Applications To Efficient Cryptographic Proof Systems

Assistant ProfessorZhang, Yupeng  (Engineering)
Tian, Chao (Engineering)
Assistant ProfessorLiu, Wencai (Science)
Cycle: Round Four
Reconstructing Ancient Atmospheric Co2 Levels Using Fossil Leaves And Their Stable Isotopes

Assistant ProfessorZhang, Yige (Geosciences)
Raymond, Anne L (Geosciences)
West, Jason B (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Cycle: Round Four
"Truthiness" At The Doctor's Office: How Information Asymmetry Affects Outpatient Clinic Performance

Cote, Murray J (School of Public Health)
Assistant ProfessorStauffer, Jon M (Mays Business School)
Weston, Cynthia G (Nursing)
Cycle: Round Four
Spatializing The Immigrant Experience: Place(Re)Making By The South Asian Community In Houston

Assistant ProfessorJain, Priya (Architecture)
Suzuki, Kazuko (Liberal Arts)
Assistant ProfessorMcNamara, Sarah J (Liberal Arts)
Cycle: Round Four
Large Scale Statistical Inference For Big Financial Data

Zhang, Xianyang (Science)
Chen, Yong (Mays Business School)
Assistant ProfessorChakrabortty, Abhishek (Science)
Cycle: Round Four
Learning the Dynamics of Cognitive Fatigue in Human Dynamic Decision Making

Assistant ProfessorChang, Yanling (Engineering)
Schmeichel, Brandon J (Liberal Arts)
Garcia, Alfredo A (Engineering)
Cycle: Round Four
Bound States in the Continuum and a Theory of Mode Coupling

Kocharovsky, Vitaly V (Science)
Assistant ProfessorLin, Paotai (Engineering)
Kocharovskaya, Olga A (Science)
Cycle: Round Four
Artificial Intelligence Assisted Bio-inspired Engineering Design

McAdams, Daniel A (Engineering)
Assistant ProfessorLayton, Astrid C (Engineering)
Assistant ProfessorRosenthal, Adam R (Liberal Arts)
Cycle: Round Four
Tracking microaggressions in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Assistant ProfessorChaspari, Theodora (Engineering)
Assistant ProfessorHuang, Ruihong (Engineering)
Ramasubramanian, Srividya (Liberal Arts)
Cycle: Round Four
Effects of a Research Data Management Camp on Graduate Students’ Research Data Management Skills

Zhihong Xu (University Libraries)
Assistant ProfessorKogut, Ashlynn W (University Libraries)
Clough, Michael P (Education and Human Development)
Cycle: Round Four
Artificial Intelligence (Ai) For Characterizing And Modeling Human Behavior From Visual Media

Assistant ProfessorDixit, Manish K (Architecture)
Yan, Wei (Architecture)
Fields, Sherecce A (Liberal Arts)
Cycle: Round Four
Optimization of Food Production for Space Exploration

Assistant ProfessorShuyang Zhen (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Lacey, Ronald E (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Ji, Jim X (Engineering)
Cycle: Round Four
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