Funded Projects


denotes Assistant Professor
Short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) production in humans measured with a novel stable tracer approach

Deutz, Nicolaas (Education and Human Development)
Talcott, Susanne U (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Braga Neto, Ulisses (Engineering)
Cycle: Round Three
Computationally Guided Development of Porous Catalysts

Assistant ProfessorPowers, David C (Science)
Brothers, Edward N (Texas A&M University at Qatar)
Seminario, Jorge M (Engineering)
Cycle: Round Three
In vitro reconstitution of CRISPR-display: investigation of lncRNA-chromatin interactions

Assistant ProfessorSczepanski, Jonathan T (Science)
Batteas, James D (Science)
Assistant ProfessorFelts, Jonathan R (Engineering)
Cycle: Round Three
Sleep and cognition in patients with respiratory disorders

Assistant ProfessorWoltering, Steven (Education and Human Development)
Engelen, Marielle P (Education and Human Development)
Bukkapatnam, Satish T (Engineering)
Cycle: Round Three
Identification of Borrelia burgdorferi protective epitopes

Assistant ProfessorRogovskyy, Artem S (Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences)
Threadgill, David W (Medicine)
Assistant ProfessorEsteve-Gasent, Maria D (Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences)
Cycle: Round Three
An Open-Access Open-Source Map of the Savannas of the Americas

Assistant ProfessorVeldman, Joseph W (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Assistant ProfessorLawing, Anna M (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Lafon, Charles W (Geosciences)
Cycle: Round Three
Sterol Transport In Plants And The Insects Which Feed On Them.

Griffing, Lawrence R (Science)
Behmer, Spencer T (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Yeh, Alvin T (Engineering)
Cycle: Round Three
Evaluating The Impact Of Influenza Immunization On The Respiratory Health Of Us Children

Assistant ProfessorRegan, Annette Karena (School of Public Health)
Zhao, Hongwei (School of Public Health)
Assistant ProfessorZhong, Lixian (Pharmacy)
Cycle: Round Three
Developing advanced algorithms for weed species detection and differentiation using UAS imagery

Assistant ProfessorBagavathiannan, Muthukumar V (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Song, Dezhen (Engineering)
Wherley, Benjamin G (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Cycle: Round Three
Molecular Evolution Of Asexual Genomes In The Livebearing Fish Genus Poeciliopsis

Mateos, Mariana (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Katju, Vaishali (Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences)
Bergthorsson, Ulfar (Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences)
Cycle: Round Three
Harnessing AI towards Autonomous Mobility and Safety Impact Prediction of Critical Highway Projects

Choi, Kunhee (Architecture)
Assistant ProfessorJung, Junehyuk (Science)
Zhang, Yunlong (Engineering)
Cycle: Round Three
Studying Magnetic Avalanches in Single-Molecule Magnets

Assistant ProfessorNippe, Michael (Science)
Mahapatra, Rupak K (Science)
Chirayath, Sunil S (Engineering)
Cycle: Round Three
Virtual Human Models For Radiation Dosimetry Applications In Dose Estimation And Reconstruction

Assistant ProfessorDewji, Shaheen Azim (Engineering)
Bouhali, Othmane (Texas A&M University at Qatar)
Tafreshi, Reza (Texas A&M University at Qatar)
Cycle: Round Three
Fungi As Supplementation To Animal Feed To Enhance Nutritional Value And Health.

Ebbole, Daniel J (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Watanabe, Coran M (Science)
Walzem, Rosemary L (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Cycle: Round Three
A novel intervention for worry

Assistant ProfessorMacNamara, Annmarie E (Liberal Arts)
Liberzon, Israel (Medicine)
Meagher, Mary W (Liberal Arts)
Cycle: Round Three
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