Ahn, Changbum R

Title: Associate Professor
College: Architecture
Department: Construction Science
Email: ryanahn@tamu.edu
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/tamussclab/home
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Short Bio:

Dr. Changbum Ryan Ahn is an Associate Professor at the Department of Construction Science in the College of Architecture. He received his Ph.D in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2012. After serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln since 2012, Dr. Ahn joined the Department of Construction Science at Texas A&M University as an Associate Professor in the fall of 2017. Dr. Ahn's research focuses on advanced techniques to analyze and identify humans’ collective behavior patterns characterized from wearable sensing data and/or crowdsourced data, in order to design and build (1) safe construction workplaces, (2) smart and connected urban communities, and (3) intelligent and energy-efficient building systems. He has received around $1.2 million in external research funding from the National Science Foundation, the Nebraska Department of Roads, CPWR, the Federal Highway Administration, and the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement. Dr. Ahn is an assistant editor of ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management. He has written 60 peer-reviewed artiels, and he has delivered 16 invited seminars/presentations.


Active Projects:

  • Human-Centric Sensing Platform to Assess Neighborhood Physical Disorder (funded by NSF)
  • Non-intrusive Elderly Smart-home Healthcare System for Monitoring Short-term and Long-term Anomaly in Daily Activity Patterns (funded by Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement)
  • Revealing Hidden Safety Hazard based on Workers Collective Behavior Patterns (funded by NSF)
  • Ergonomic back injury risk factors in construction glass and glazing work (funded by CPWR)

Recent Publications:







      2014 & Older


    Collective Behavior Sensing, Smart and Connected Communities, Construction Safety and Health, Sustainable Design and Construction