Funded Projects

denotes Assistant Professor
Hostile Intent Prediction Based On Gaze Movement Trajectory In Indoor Navigation

Assistant ProfessorDu, Jing (Architecture)
Han, Gang (School of Public Health)
Ferris, Thomas K (Engineering)
Cycle: Round One
A High-Throughput Wireless Platform Electronic For Optogenetics And Its Application In Neuroscience

Assistant ProfessorPark, Sung I (Engineering)
Yoon, Byung-Jun (Engineering)
Assistant ProfessorSmith, Rachel J (Liberal Arts)
Cycle: Round One
The Mechanistic Characterization Of Peptide Lv On Angiogenesis And Vascular Physiology

Ko, Gladys Y (Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences)
Kuo, Lih (Medicine)
Hein, Travis W (Medicine)
Cycle: Round One
Developing A Clinically Relevant Mouse Model For Translational Research Of Migraine Headache

Tao, Feng (Dentistry)
Kobayashi, Koichi (Medicine)
Qin, Chunlin (Dentistry)
Cycle: Round One
Three Dimensional Investigation Of Neuroskeletal Interactions With A New Tissue Clearing Technique

Assistant ProfessorZhao, Hu (Dentistry)
Peng, Xu (Medicine)
Gregory, Carl A (Medicine)
Cycle: Round One
The Impact Of Preconception Male Alcohol Exposure On Postnatal Growth And Metabolic Programming

Golding, Michael C (Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences)
Xie, Linglin (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Miranda, Rajesh C (Medicine)
Cycle: Round One
Predictability Of The Timing Of The Growing Season Over Texas

Assistant ProfessorBombardi, Rodrigo J (Geosciences)
Wu, Ximing (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Frauenfeld, Oliver W (Geosciences)
Cycle: Round One
Nanoemulsion-Mediated Delivery Of Citrus Terpenoids For Neuroprotection: A Potential Bioactive

Patil, Bhimanagouda S (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Reddy, Doodipala S (Medicine)
Kreider, Richard (Education and Human Development)
Cycle: Round One
Developing A Tool For Measuring Landscape Performance On Public Health

Newman, Galen D (Architecture)
Horney, Jennifer A (School of Public Health)
Assistant ProfessorMostafavidarani, Ali (Engineering)
Cycle: Round One
Characterizing The RNAs And DNA Concentrations In Eggs As Tools To Assess Honey Bee Queen Fertility

Rangel Posada, Juliana (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Medina, Raul F (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Aramayo, Rodolfo A (Science)
Cycle: Round One
Using Global Yeast Genetic Profiling To Uncover Eukaryotic Targets Of Bacterial Virulence Factors

Assistant ProfessorWatson, Robert O (Medicine)
Kaplan, Craig D (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Samuel, James E (Medicine)
Cycle: Round One
Acute Health Effects Of Occupational Exposure To Nanoparticles On Cardiopulmonary Functions

Xu, Xiaohui (School of Public Health)
Zhou, Lan (Science)
Ying, Qi (Engineering)
Cycle: Round One
Exploiting Drosophila genetics to understand mosquito sugar taste perception

Amrein, Hubert O (Medicine)
Adelman, Zachary N (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Slotman, Michel A (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Cycle: Round One
Engineering Superior Bioenergy Sorghum: Genetic/Physiological Variations In Biomechanical Properties

Assistant ProfessorPharr, George (Engineering)
Muliana, Hanifah (Engineering)
Finlayson, Scott A (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Cycle: Round One
Pirates! A Video Game Designed To Test The Effectiveness Of Anti-Piracy Laws

Assistant ProfessorNyman, Elizabeth A (Texas A&M University at Galveston)
Bickham, Troy O (Texas A&M University at Qatar)
Mark, Samuel E (Texas A&M University at Galveston)
Cycle: Round One
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