Funded Projects


denotes Assistant Professor
Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis For Sustainability & Resilience of Buildings Subjected to EQ & Wind

Assistant ProfessorKoliou, Maria (Engineering)
Assistant ProfessorSideris, Petros (Engineering)
Yan, Wei (Architecture)
Cycle: Round Two
Advanced Mechanical Performances of Polymer Composites Promoted By Rigid Ladder-Molecules

Assistant ProfessorFang, Lei (Science)
Su, Hung-Jue (Engineering)
Borazjani, Iman (Engineering)
Cycle: Round Two
Dynamic Evacuation Planning Considering Traffic Congestion

Nie, Xiaofeng  (Engineering)
Assistant ProfessorJola Sanchez, Andres Fernando (Mays Business School)
Wang, Xiubin B (Engineering)
Cycle: Round Two
Generating Nanoparticles Using Supercritical Fluids

Assistant ProfessorJarrahbashi, Dorrin (Engineering)
Al-Hashimi, Mohammed (Texas A&M University at Qatar)
Wang, Shiren (Engineering)
Cycle: Round Two
Tangible Augmented Reality Design Workflows for Digital-to-Physical Prototyping by Children

Assistant ProfessorVinayak, Fnu (Engineering)
Quek, Francis K (Architecture)
Assistant ProfessorSueda, Shinjiro (Engineering)
Cycle: Round Two
Biodiversity Impacts And Social Dimensions Of Land Use In Tropical Montane Ecosystems

Lacher, Thomas E (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Assistant ProfessorHopkins, Allison L (Liberal Arts)
Lombardini, Leonardo (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Cycle: Round Two
Analytics for Renewable Energy Management in Microgrids

Gautam, Natarajan (Engineering)
Assistant ProfessorDavis, Katherine M (Engineering)
Bhattacharya, Anirban (Science)
Cycle: Round Two
Inner Junction of doublet microtubules in motile and non-motile cilia

Qin, Hongmin (Science)
Garcia, Luis R (Science)
Phillips, Timothy D (Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences)
Cycle: Round Two
Novel Regulation in Assembly of the NADPH oxidase-2 (Nox2) Complex During Spaceflight in Muscle

Lawler, John (Education and Human Development)
Guo, Shaodong (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Kent, Thomas (Medicine)
Cycle: Round Two
Improving Teamwork Using Collaborative Virtual Reality Environment

Assistant ProfessorMai, Bin  (Education and Human Development)
Seo, Jinsil (Architecture)
Assistant ProfessorMcCubbins, Andrew (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Cycle: Round Two
Energy, Law and Policy - creating a new paradigm

Pistikopoulos, Efstratios (Engineering)
Mormann, Felix (School of Law)
Assistant ProfessorVeldman, Robin Globus (Liberal Arts)
Cycle: Round Two
Demographic-GIS Analysis of Spatial Population Distribution and Change in US Urban Areas 1910-1940

Fossett, Mark A (Liberal Arts)
Kamphoefner, Walter D (Liberal Arts)
Assistant ProfessorLaddusaw, Sierra D (University Libraries)
Cycle: Round Two
Emotional Intelligence and its Impact on Identity Formation of Engineering Graduate Students

Zoghi, Behbood B (Engineering)
Assistant ProfessorRaven, Sara P (Education and Human Development)
Craig, Cheryl J (Education and Human Development)
Cycle: Round Two
Development Of A Solvent Free Technology For The Quantification Of Heavy Metals In Plant Tissues

Ma, Xingmao (Engineering)
Kulatilaka, Waruna D (Engineering)
Assistant ProfessorGuo, Bing (Texas A&M University at Qatar)
Cycle: Round Two
Assessing and Remediating Health and Safety Issues in Children’s Play Spaces in Resort Settings

Maddock, Jason E (School of Public Health)
Assistant ProfessorSuess Raeisinafchi, Courtney (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Spengler, John O (School of Public Health)
Cycle: Round Two
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